💗 I’ve said YES to HER I said yes to Deborah!
💗I have taken what once used to trouble me and attempt to crush me and I've created Reality Therapy for Coping Worksheet that continues to help me with my day to day struggles. 
💗 am a realist and as a nurse and entrepreneur, I find it rewarding to be transparent and lead with integrity. Anyone who holds a leadership role, must learn to lead even throughout their own reality.
💗 Please enjoy a copy of my latest worksheet from my Leadership course as my free gift to you. Happy Growing!

What Others Are Saying...

Neatte's Testimony  "Loved her Professionalism. Very insightful. I received detailed coaching that not only motivated and inspired me but gave me knowledge and tools to achieve my desired success. I have new direction to further my business ventures. Ms. Schrepper.... I absolutely thank you for sharing your gifts with me."

Beatrice's Testimony "Deborah and I are doing a challenge and she saw I was struggling with my E-book Covers. She so kindly asked what she could do to help and just throw away some amazing designs to me. Just like that! They are awesome. What also hit me was that Deborah had taken my ideas from my old designs and by so respected my ideas and just made them better! Thank you! Xx
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